Tek Experts - Columbus
Tek Experts - Columbus
22 E Hudson St
ColumbusOH 43202
 (614) 427-3498

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Nov 20, 2017

Superb customer service and highly professional technical assistance. I took my laptop to Tek Experts when it crashed two months ago, and I was very worried that I might lose the data as I didn't have a backup. These guys were very patient and managed to recover the data, though the laptop was beyond repair. And they also had the data for me for more than two months while I found a good external hard drive to get the data back. (I got one and then it crashed midway during data transfer and they waited till I got another) It was very nice of them to keep the data for so long, considering it was more 300GB. I highly recommend this place and especially commend John who handled the data transfer. Highly appreciate your work. Thanks!

D Rush
Nov 09, 2017

I have been bringing my repairs to Daniel since 2012 because he does an excellent job, has very reasonable rates, and will not try to sell you something you don't need. He also treats his repeat customers very well with fast turnaround times. My husband dropped his iphone 6 in water but didn't do anything about it for a day because it continued to work. Then, the phone just died. I thought for sure the phone was beyond repair and was ready to buy one of the phones at the store as a replacement. Daniel opened up the phone and thought it could be repaired and recommended that I go that route. Later that same day, the phone was operational again. The display screen was damaged from the water and needed replaced, but I was able to apply the cost of the water damage clean up to the repair, which was awesome! I highly recommend Tek Experts!

Daniel Langstaff
Nov 07, 2017

Good guys. Can vouch for expertise. Would have fixed my phone myself, but insurance. These guys know their stuff.

Zachary Graham
Nov 03, 2017

Went in earlier today to purchase a refurbished iMac and a keyboard/mouse for my wife. The staff was courteous, patient, knowledgeable, and nice. Arrived at home and the iMac worked without a hitch. Unfortunately the keyboard/mouse were missing the wireless receivers. Went back to Tek Experts and explained my situation. They refunded my purchase for the keyboard/mouse and provided me with a replacement. Truly went above and beyond. If I have any tech issues in the future, Tex Experts will always be the first place I go to.

Amy Knisley
Oct 31, 2017

Highly recommend! Took two iPhones in and they were both fixed fast and the customer service was top notch!

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